City of Oneonta

Parks Rules and Regulations

General Park Rules

  •     Park Hours: 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM
  •     15 MPH Speed Limit
  •     No littering, vandalism, or open fires
  •     Leash and Pooper Scooper Laws are in effect
  •     Reserved Field and Pavilion Use by Permit Only
  •     Parking in Designated Areas Only
  •     No alcohol without a permit
  •     No golfing or fishing
  •     Noise Ordinance is in effect

Swimming Pool Rules

For information regarding Briggs Pool at Wilber Park please contact the Oneonta Family YMCA at 607-432-0010.

Ice Skating Rules

  •     Ice skating only permitted when GREEN FLAG is posted.
  •     Ice skating allowed during posted times only.
  •     Never skate alone.  Always have at least two people present.
  •     No alcoholic beverages on ice or in skatehouse.
  •     No smoking anywhere in skatehouse or on ice.
  •     No pets (dogs, etc.) of any kind allowed on ice: owner responsible.
  •     No ropes sleds, mechanical devices or glass objects of any kind allowed on ice or in skatehouse.
  •     No infants allowed on ice under any conditions.
  •     Skate with the flow of traffic.  Do not congregate in one area.
  •     Children under 7 years must be accompanied on ice by an adult.
  •     No one (except accompanying adults) allowed on ice without wearing skates.
  •     No games of any kind allowed. No tag, racing, whip, etc. allowed at any time.
  •     No one allowed on ice when maintenance (parks) crews are working.
  •     Skate in designated areas only.  Do not skate near barricades, orange safety cones or near the pond edges.  
  •     The City of Oneonta will not be responsible for loss, damage, or theft to cars and their contents nor the private property brought by patrons to pond, skatehouse, dryland rink, and/or surrounding areas.
  •     Ice fishing is not permitted.
  •     No hockey during recreational skating hours.
  •     The city will monitor and enforce all rules and regulations and my suspend patrons in violation.

Hours for ice skating when green flag is posted
Monday - Friday: 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: noon to 8 p.m.

Non-Contact/Soft Hockey Rules

  •     Non-contact hockey only permitted when GREEN FLAG is posted.
  •     Hodges Pond may only be used for non-contact hockey when there is no public ice skating.
  •     Age groups must remain separated at all times according to schedule.
  •     All spectators must remain a safe distance while hockey is being played.
  •     Regulation skates, helmet, and faceguard must be used by all participants. Goalies must also wear approved helmet with adequate throat protection.
  •     No formal or organized games allowed.  Pick-up games only.
  •     Sticks may be used only to control the puck and may not be used in any other manner. (no high-sticking, tripping, cross-checking, or hitting other players).
  •     No hard shots or lifting the puck off the ice.  Goals will be less than 18” off the ice.
  •     Absolutely no checking or hard physical contact is allowed.
  •     The City will monitor and enforce all rules and regulations and may suspend patrons violating any rules and regulations.

Hours for non-contact hockey when green flag is posted
Monday - Friday: 8 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. - noon

Trails Rules and Etiquette

General rules:

    No hunting, camping, fires, or motorized vehicles
    Keep dogs on a leash and under control
    Clean up and carry out dog litter

Follow Leave no trace guidelines:

    Carry out what you carry in; do not litter
    Stay on designated trails - do not walk around wet areas
    Respect wildlife - do not scare animals or disturb vegetation

Plan ahead and be prepared:

    Carry water, insect repellant and use sunscreen
    Layer clothing and wear protective footwear and eyewear

Respect other users:

    Share the trail by traveling single file
    Yield to uphill travelers
    Move to the right to allow others to pass
    Keep noise to a minimum

Biking specific rules:

    Mountain bikers must wear helmets, glasses and gloves
    Yield to all other users
    Pass on the left when space allows
    Notify others when intending to pass
    Stay under control at all times
    Avoid skidding your tires- "Ride, Don't Slide"
    Plan ahead- keep your bike in good repair and carry tools for repairs


Trail conditions may have changed since a trail was assessed. The information provided is accurate as of the assessment date. Events beyond the control of the City of Oneonta can make trails temporarily inaccessible. Obstructions may include fallen trees and branches, landslides, flooding, washouts, etc. These and other obstacles on the trail could potentially cause an injury. The City of Oneonta takes no responsibility for your safety. All trail use is at your own risk.

Tennis Court Rules

  •     No pets, dogs, etc.
  •     No skateboards
  •     No roller skates
  •     No rollerblades
  •     No bicycles or motor bikes
  •     No floor hockey
  •     No picnic-food, etc.
  •     No dark soled shoes, tennis footwear only
  •     Noise Ordinance is in effect

Skateboard Park Rules

  •     Facility is not supervised: Skate at your own risk
  •     An adult must accompany skaters under the age of 10
  •     Skaters assume all risks associated with the use of this facility
  •     Skaters must wear appropriate safety gear: helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist/hand guards
  •     Only skates and skateboards are allowed. Bicycles and scooters are prohibited
  •     Do not use facility if hazardous conditions exist. Report damage and hazards to the recreation office.
  •     The following are prohibited: loud music, food and beverage, graffiti and defacing city property, profanity, and smoking.

Other Park Regulations

  •     Many areas in the parks are designated "No Smoking." All posted nonsmoking areas must be observed at all times.
  •     Fields are not to be used if soft, muddy, wet, or if any other unsafe condition exists. Please call the recreation office if an unsafe condition needs to be addressed.
  •     Team sports are prohibited on city fields without a permit. Permits are granted by the Recreation Department, liability insurance is required.
  •     Children under the age of 16 may not remain in the park after 9:00 PM without a parent or guardian.
  •     No person shall cut, injure, or destroy any plant life within a city park.
  •     No hunting or fishing except that fishing in the Susquehanna River is permitted.