City of Oneonta

Other Recreational Opportunities

Trails system

In recent years, a system of trails used for hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snow shoeing has been developed within the City of Oneonta by the Oneonta State Mountain Biking Club which consists of college faculty and students. Information is provided below for all five area trails regardless of whether they are located within a city park.

Trail locator map - Travel directions to trails

College Camp Trails:

Map - Trailhead sign

Catella Park/New Island Greenway:

Map - Trailhead sign

Homer Folks State Forest Trails:

Map - Trailhead sign

Oneonta Susquehanna Greenway at Silas Lane:

Map - Trailhead sign

Wilber Park/Glenwood Creek Trails:

Map - Trailhead sign

YouTube video highlighting Oneonta's trails:

Community Gardens

With 24 plots located at Swart-Wilcox Historic Park, the Community Gardens program offers residents a chance to grow their own vegetables, herbs or flowers. Community Gardens applications are accepted from city residents beginning the first Friday of April and three weeks later from non-city residents (pending availability).

Community Gardens Policy

Winter Ice Skating

Ice skating on Hodges Pond is a long-standing tradition in Oneonta, with an official program dating back to 1955. Although mild winters have hampered efforts in recent years, the City of Oneonta remains committed to offering year-round recreation opportunities for its residents. During the winter months ice conditions can be checked by calling 432-7997.