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Property Owners 65 years of age or older may be eligible for Senior Citizen Tax Exemption on their PRIMARY RESIDENCE. Senior Citizens have until MARCH 1st to apply for such exemption with the submission of renewal applications being required annually.

For information, please call PAMELA DYN-GOHDE, 607-432-2970 or 607-547-4222, the assessor for the Town of Oneonta.

Income Limit for the County is $26,399.99, social security counts as income for this exemption, with town and school income levels lower than the county income limit. The lower your income, the higher the exemption amount.



Town Assessor Pamela Dyn-Gohde



Each Wednesday @Town Hall 


 *****STAR info*****



The Board of Assessment Review

will meet at Oneonta Town Hall on

JUNE 4th, from 4pm-8pm.


Grievance forms and grievance forms instructions.

Board of Assessment Review

Each has a 5 year term beginning October 1 and ending September 30

Donna Null

Term exps: 9/30/26

Andrea Lister

Term exps: 9/30/27

Philip Konstantine

Term exps: 9/30/25

David K. Christensen

Term exps: 9/30/24

Richard Ranieri

Term exps. 09/30/2028


Wendy Cleaveland


There are a few web sites that may prove useful when forms are required for the Real Property Tax.

Initial Star Application: This form is to be used for a homeowners first application for Basic STAR and/or for the initial application for an Enhanced STAR (when you turn 65)

Enhanced Star Renewal form: This form is used in conjunction with the required income tax forms to renew an Enhanced STAR.  Typically this renewal form is mailed from the Assessor's office to all current Enhanced STAR participants in January.

Optional Income Verification Form: This form is for Enhanced STAR participants who prefer to have NYS Tax and Finance inform the Assessor of your income eligibility for an Enhanced STAR renewal.  You will be informed in January if NYS has determined if you are still eligible.

Grievance forms and grievance forms instructions.

Grievance Day is typically the 4th Tuesday in May.  Grievance applications may be mailed to the Assessor's office or brought to the Grievance meeting for submission.

All Real Property Tax Exemption forms.