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Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights

2017 Trailblazer Information

The Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights was established as a public body by the Common Council through which the citizens of Oneonta may be kept informed of developments in community relations, and through which individuals and groups in the City of Oneonta may be officially encouraged to promote tolerance and goodwill toward all people.

The commission also sponsors an annual Trailblazer Award presented to a woman in the Oneonta area who, by demonstrating outstanding achievement in her field or in the community, has enhanced the visibility and stature of women.

The Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights is comprised of members of the community. They would like your input on issues impacting the community. Please feel free to contact them via e-mail. Current members include:

Commission Members

Joyce Miller (Chair)
Paul A. Lawrence
Rev. Teressa Sivers
Cecilia Zapata
Shannon McHugh
Carolyn Leon-Palm
Council Member Liaison Michelle Osterhoudt

The powers and duties of the Commission shall be to:

•  Foster mutual respect and understanding among all citizens, groups and visitors within the city.

•  Conduct or recommend such educational programs and/or materials that will increase good will among inhabitants of the community and open new opportunities into all phases of community life for its inhabitants.

•  Advise city officials and city employees on inter-group relations, fostering respect for all members of the community and promoting equality of opportunity for employment and advancement in city government. 

•  Become knowledgeable about the mission of the New York State Division of Human Rights, and use this knowledge as part of their duty to educate the community.

•  Carry out other activities as the Mayor and Common Council may assign from time to time.

The Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Commission is comprised of 7 members, each appointed by the Mayor, with approval from the Common Council, for a 3 year term. The Commission on Community Relations and Human Rights was created in 1995 to serve as a bridge between groups and as a forum to promote what is best about Oneonta. The mission of the Commission is to build a bridge of understanding to every person and group in the City of Oneonta. The Commission's focus is to draw all people in the city together into a cohesive blend of shared commitment and community. Through dialogue, advocacy and response, the commission desires to reach out to those who feel division and to create unity.


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