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Information about Mess on State Route 28

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"I have been contacted by many residents and people visiting our area concerning the large debris field visible from State Highway 28 across from the Home Depot.  This property address is actually 133 Southside Dr.  The Town has been aware of this issue and we have been trying to correct the issues for about three years.

The property has been in foreclosure for several years.  NYS was involved under the zombie property law.  Now that the foreclosure has actually occurred this property is no longer under state regulation. It is now classified as a real estate owned property and is owned by Fannie- Mae the federal underwriter of the mortgage.  It is under control of a management company called PEMCO Limited.  They are based in Denver, Colorado. 

We have done everything in our power to get them to clean up this property with no success. 

I am posting the contact information for that company below.  If you have questions about the condition of this property please call them to express your concerns directly. "

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